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Benefits and Risks

Benefits and Risks

Starting college early can be a great advantage for both academic and financial reasons.

CCP Benefits

  • Accelerates a student’s college career and provides quality, affordable education close to home.
  • Provides students with a wider range of class options and allows them to complete general education college requirements. These are transferable according to Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) and Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) guidelines.
  • Lowers the overall cost of post-secondary education.
  • Shortens the time to complete a college degree and allows increased flexibility in student scheduling.
  • Introduces the rigor and expectations of college work—helps students achieve college readiness.

Before taking college courses students should think about if they are “college ready.”
More than just being academically ready for the new challenges of college, other considerations need to be taken. College classes are intended for an adult audience, so students and parents should consider the maturity required for college coursework.

CCP Risks

  • High school calendars and college calendars rarely match: colleges are still in session on teacher in-service days and spring breaks.
  • CCP legislation states the school districts may require families to repay the cost of tuition and books for students who fail or withdraw from classes past the posted deadline.
  • Although TAG/OTM courses are guaranteed transfer to Ohio public institutions of higher education with a grade of D or better, how they transfer may differ depending on the major. Students should check with institutions of interest regarding transfer prior to CCP enrollment.
  • College transfer credits earned through CCP are generally accepted by most major institutions. However, credits are not always guaranteed for transfer toward private or out-of-state institutions. Students should check with institutions of interest regarding transfer prior to CCP enrollment.
  • Grades received through CCP are reflected twice—on high school and college transcripts. On both transcripts grades will affect respective GPAs. Low grades may also negatively impact potential college admissions and financial aid opportunities.
  • Participation in college classes may take time away from other activities: students may need to limit involvement in sports and other extra-curricular activities or jobs

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