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College Credit Plus FAQs

College Credit Plus FAQs

What qualities are needed for success for college credit plus at the college?
A successful college student is disciplined, self-directed, academically able and socially mature.

What scores make me eligible for college classes?
Looking at the sub scores (not the composite) in each area depending on the specific class you are interested in:

Reading: ACT score of 22 Reading: SAT score of 480
Writing: ACT score of 18 Writing: SAT score of 480
Math: ACT score of 22 Math: SAT score of 530
Reading: Accuplacer score of 80
Write Placer: Accuplacer score of 5
College Level Math: Accuplacer score of 55
Next-Generation Accuplacer
Reading: Next-Generation Accuplacer score of 250
Writing: Next-Generation Accuplacer score of 263
Write Placer: Next-Generation Accuplacer score of 5
Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics: Next-Generation Accuplacer score of 263
Advanced Algebra and Functions: Next-Generation Accuplacer score of 263

How do I get textbooks?
Textbooks can be purchased through our virtual bookstore! Within the student portal, click on Virtual Bookstore in the QuickLinks section to access the store. Textbooks must be purchased within the Voucher Period – 7 days before the semester begins and ends two weeks after the semester starts.

Do I need to reapply to Clark State if I am coming after high school?
Yes, you will reapply as a traditional student coming to Clark State for a technical or transfer degree.

What classes can/should I take?
Take a look at our list of recommended classes and our designated pathways.

What if I start to struggle in my college courses?
Students not doing as well as they would like in classes should seek out help immediately. Please visit with your CCP advisor and/or our tutoring centers for additional assistance.

How many classes should I take a semester/year?
This will vary from student to student and the amount of time you have to dedicate to classes should be the biggest factor in making that decision. Generally speaking, a credit hour at Clark State is the amount of time you will spend in class and you will need to double that time outside of classes to get good grades. This should be helpful in making a good decision on the number of classes you take. Remember, CCP students can take a maximum of 30 credit hours a year.

Will I have access to the library, the bookstore, tutoring and student organizations?
A College Credit Plus student has access to all services provided to all of our Clark State students.

Will my credits transfer to other colleges and universities?
Clark State Community College is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Completed coursework is fully transferrable to other Ohio state assisted colleges and universities and most private schools. To check the transferability of your courses, is a great place to start!

Are there scholarship opportunities available?
All CCP students who have completed 30 credit hours upon high school graduation with a 3.0 GPA will qualify for a $3,000 scholarship to complete their associate degree!

How much does CCP cost?
With tuition, books and fees covered, the only cost associated with classes would be transportation to and from one of our locations (if your student decides to take classes physically at one of our locations).

How many courses can my student take?
While the maximum to take in an academic year is 30 credit hours, we encourage students to find a balance between high school work, college classes and extra-curricular activities. The true number of hours a student can be up with the CCP program is very dependent on the time he or she is able to dedicate to collegiate classwork.

If the high school is closed or delayed, does that affect Clark State courses?
Clark State and your student’s high school may operate on different hours and any student who is enrolled here will need to monitor both. If the high school is closed or delayed, there is no guarantee that Clark State will follow suit. Even if the high school cancels, Clark State may still have classes on that day and your student will need to attend.

What resources are available for student success?
Students in CCP are considered a college student with full access to services we provide any other student. This includes but is not limited to academic advising, FREE tutoring, counseling services, workout facility, and career services.

Can my child still be involved in extracurricular activities at high school?
Yes, however they will have to manage their time between those activities and college course work. Please have your student keep that in mind when they build their high school and college schedule for the semester. They will need to have ample time for courses and academic commitments.

What will it cost my district to be involved in College Credit Plus (CCP or CC+)?
The cost to each district is outlined in the CCP Agreement that is agreed upon each year. The cost is a percentage of tuition determined by whether the course is offered at the high school or on the college campus. Please contact your College Credit Plus advisor to request a CCP Agreement for your school district.

How can administrators help our students?

  • Notify the parents and students of the availability of the classes.
  • Schedule placement testing early (March or early April).
  • Designate one counselor to work with our Clark State College Credit Plus advisor.

What if a student changes his or her mind?
If a student changes their mind, they must meet with their guidance counselor for withdrawal deadlines and necessary paperwork.

How do the credits they earn transfer to other higher education institutions?
While it is always up to the school they may transfer to, many of the credits they receive at Clark State are transfer assurance guaranteed or TAG credits in the state of Ohio. Also, students can seek directly how credits transfer from one school to another at See CCP Course Offerings and CCP Pathways.

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