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Assessments/Hiring Assistance

Assessments/Hiring Assistance

Clark State can provide ACT Work Keys National Career Readiness Certification testing to assess potential employee’s abilities to learn the skills needed for specific positions. We can also access a large library of pre-hire and skill assessments that range from specific skills to personality assessments. These assessments can help make sure your workforce matches the strengths, interests and values needed for both the specific position and your company culture to ensure a successful fit which can, in turn, reduce turnover and the associated costs. 

Ohio Talent Development Network

As a member provider of the Ohio Talent Development Network, we have access to a large database of assessments for your use. These assessments provide organizations with the solid information needed to make better hiring, placement and promotion decisions. Clark State can also build training and promotion pathways incorporating skills assessments and achievement roadmaps.

Work Ready Community

WorkKeys is a first step toward closing skills gaps and improving workforce quality. Supported by data from more than 20,000 job skills profiles and rooted in decades of workplace research, WorkKeys assessments are based on situations in the everyday working world. The assessments measure “hard” and “soft” skills, helping:

  • Individuals: From career seekers to longtime employees, WorkKeys helps individuals measure their skills and advance their career goals.
  • Educators: From high school through college, WorkKeys helps educators ensure their students are ready for career success.
  • Employers: WorkKeys helps employers find, hire and develop quality talent
  • Workforce and economic developers: WorkKeys helps workforce and economic developers prepare their workforce to attract and maintain business and industry.

Successful completion of three WorkKeys assessments, Applied Mathematics, Locating Information and Reading for Information, can help an individual earn the National Career Readiness Certificate™ (NCRC®), a portable credential that documents essential work skills. More than 3 million NCRCs have been issued across the United States.

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