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Financial Aid
Choose Ohio First Scholarship Application

Choose Ohio First Scholarship Application

The Choose Ohio First scholarships for Agriculture, Addiction and Integrated Treatment Studies (Bachelor’s degree), Computer Networking, Cybersecurity, Computer Software Development, Management- Logistics Materials and Supply Chain, Manufacturing Technology Management (Bachelor’s degree), Medical Laboratory Management (MLT), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certificate, Registered Nursing, and Web Design and Development (Bachelor’s degree) are to be used to defray tuition, fees and required books not covered by another grant.

General Deadline: Two weeks before the start of Fall and Spring semester
All fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
Student Information

You are a first-generation college student if neither of your parents or legal guardians have a level of education higher than high school.
Educational Information
Application Requirements

Upload a typed summary of your educational and career goals. Include any factors you would like us to consider in determining your scholarship eligibility.

Recommended: submit a copy of your ACT score report, Clark State placement test scores, or an unofficial high school or college transcript which shows GPA. DO NOT attach any document that has your Social Security Number on it.

Certification and Release

The applicant acknowledges that by submitting the Choose Ohio First Scholarship application that all information contained within the application is accurate. The applicant also understands that their academic record and the scholarship application may be released to Clark State College’s Choose Ohio First Scholarship committee and also to the Scholarship and Financial Aid Office. If applicable, the applicant understands that adjustments may be made to current financial aid awards.

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