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The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a team of trained staff who monitor student behavior, develop appropriate intervention plans and coordinate services for students.

The purpose of BIT is to provide a safe environment for our campus community through collaboration, information collection, risk assessment and intervention. BIT provides a proactive and team approach to enhance students’ physical and emotional safety. BIT does not take the place of standard classroom management techniques used by faculty.

BIT members:
Nina Wiley  |  Dean, Student Engagement and Support Services
Ron Gordon  |  Dean, Enrollment Services
Karlton Clayborne  |  Success Coach
Travis Binkley  |  Assistant Dean, Advising Services
Natalie Johnson  |  Associate Dean, Greene County Locations
Joshua Foster  |  Success Coach, Beavercreek Location
Tom Duffee  |  Faculty
Officer Gene Bell  |  Springfield Police

BIT Goals:
1. Minimize disruption to the teaching and learning process.
2. Intervene early. Provide support and timely response to students displaying varying levels of disruptive, disturbed or distressed behaviors.
3. Review information from faculty, staff, students and/or others; conduct investigations to determine appropriate responses.
4. Centralize collection and assessment of concerning student behaviors reported from multiple sources and create an action plan.
5. Coordinate follow-up. Ensure that services, support and resources are organized effectively.
6. Provide education and resources to the campus community in managing and maintaining a safe environment conducive to learning.

1. Receive information about students of concern.
2. Maintain confidentiality.
3. Assist faculty or staff in developing a plan of action.
4. Connect students with resources.
5. Make recommendations consistent with college policies and procedures.
6. Coordinate follow-up.

What to Report to the BIT:

  • Violations of the Student Code of Conduct
  • Behavioral issues
  • Concerns about a student’s well-being
  • General incidents
  • Unusual occurrences

How to Report to the BIT:

  • Submit an Incident Report Form. The information will be routed to a BIT member.
  • Call 937.328.6056 – a BIT member is on call.

If there is any threat of immediate harm, call 911 immediately.

By working together and taking action, we can prevent incidents from happening. We can do this by doing something when we see something. If you're unsure of whether or not you should do something, still do it. Remember, if you think something is wrong, but you're not certain, it's always best to report it anyway.

If you have questions or concerns about which report to use, please contact Nina Wiley, Dean of Student Engagement and Support Services in the Sara T. Landess Technology and Learning Center, Room 115 or call 937.328.7936.

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