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The do's and dont's.

What goes on a resume? What do potential employers need to know?

Do send a resume that...

  • includes your skills AND accomplishments
  • uses the vocabulary of your target
  • uses short, concise bullets - a resume is a sales document
  • uses power words that show action and results
  • has been critiqued - preferably two or three times
  • looks professional - typing must be perfect
  • has been proofread SEVERAL times (always proofread from right to left, bottom to top)

DON'T send a resume that...

  • is too long (more than two pages)
  • is poorly typed and printed
  • is poorly organized
  • has irrelevant information or information that might bias the reader
  • has long paragraphs and sentences
  • contains poor punctuation and spelling
  • does not convey your accomplishments
  • has too much technical jargon
  • is hard to understand
  • has unexplained time gaps
  • includes your references. References will be requested when and if you are a final candidate

Sample Resumes

Because your resume is an individual sales tool, there are many correct ways to create it.

We recommend that you review many sample resumes to see the different styles and formats. Although each is different, all of them emphasize skills and education.

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