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Workshops that work for you.

Enjoy a wide variety of workshops on topics that meet the needs of nonprofit staff, boards and volunteers, including: board development, fundraising, marketing, communications and planning.

Our custom training solutions are available online so you can take courses that fit your schedule.

Our experts have extensive backgrounds in nonprofit organizational management and have worked with state, national and worldwide nonprofit organizations. These experts are available to address your specific needs. Bios available upon request. 

Online training options qualify you to become certified in a nonprofit key success area.

The Clark State team of consultants work with you to create solutions specifically for your organization. Projects can focus on a narrow topic or on the entire scope of your organization to create strategic long-term change. 

We offer a wide variety of board training solutions for nonprofit board members. Topics range from board duties to fundraising and volunteer management. 

  • Nonprofits 101
  • Board Development
  • Board Governance
  • Board Basics
  • Board Management and Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Nonprofit Leadership
  • Expanding and Diversifying Your Board
  • Hiring Board Staff – Challenges and Opportunities
  • The Board and Executive Director – An Exciting and Challenging Partnership
  • Shared Responsibility and Accountability
  • Reduce Your Board’s Anxiety About Fundraising
  • Rev Up Your Board
  • Grant Writing 101
  • Grant Writing 102
  • Management and Leadership
  • Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

BoardSource Certifications

Hone your skills with one of our three certificate programs through Clark State’s partnership with BoardSource’s Governance Education Program. You will gain a deeper understanding of what is needed to solve problems, contribute ideas and offer solutions for a nonprofit organization. Earn a certificate in a nonprofit key success area.

The Certificate for Nonprofit Board Education
The Certificate for Nonprofit Board Education is geared toward new and potential board members, staff and consultants who are new to working with a board, and others who want to understand the major building blocks of an effective board. The program covers the fundamental nonprofit governance concepts every nonprofit leader should understand, including board structure and practices, the roles and responsibilities of board members and financial and legal oversight. 

Our Approach
The series consists of six 1.5-hour webinars conducted over six consecutive weeks.* 

Week 1 – Overview
Week 2 – Board Structures
Week 3 – Leading the Organization
Week 4 – Fundraising
Week 5 – Oversight
Week 6 – Financial Oversight

A post-series assessment will be administered after the sixth webinar. Participants who pass the assessment will earn the certificate.

The Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Board Chairs
The Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Board Chairs will help you become an exceptional board leader. This unique opportunity allows you to connect with a governance expert as well as your peers to conquer the unique challenges and issues that encompass the board chair position. 

Our Approach
Engage in a lively discussion about leadership and governance challenges with your board chair peers from across the country. This course is offered in webinar format over the course of three 90-minute sessions.* 

The Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Chief Executives
Chief executives have a tough balancing act to perform: they report to the board as its single employee, provide leadership to the board while engaging it in oversight and manage the organization. All of this takes time and thought — usually more than anticipated. That’s why it is so important that you work effectively and efficiently to build a constructive partnership with your board.

Our Approach
The Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Chief Executives education and training program is designed to help you build a solid partnership with your board. Whether you are new to the position or a seasoned leader, you will learn practical approaches to some of the most challenging aspects of the job, including:  

  • Attending to the overall executive director/ board relationship
  • Building relationships with individual board members, including the board chair
  • Engaging board members without inviting them to micromanage
  • Increasing the effectiveness of your board
  • Sharing the good and bad with your board
  • Working effectively with officers and other small groups of the board, such as committees and task groups

This course is offered in a webinar format as three 90-minute sessions.*

In addition to delivering the training and information you need to perform better, this course enables you to connect with and absorb information from your peers. This is a full-day program on a Friday, that begins with a dinner at the Beavercreek Marriott on Thursday night.

*All webinars are recorded; if you miss one, you can view and listen to it later.

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