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Gear Up For Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the Dayton area is thriving.

Do you know what that means? It means there are a lot of job opportunities that are waiting for you!

In fact, manufacturers need two million more employees by 2025! Whether you’re looking for your first job in manufacturing, to move up in your career, or grow your manufacturing business, we can help. Get started with us today!

Why choose a career in Manufacturing?

Great question! There is a huge demand for skilled workers in the manufacturing field today. Check out the perks to working in manufacturing:

  • Manufacturing is an in-demand job, resulting in high-paying jobs with lots of room to grow and many management opportunities.
  • It’s exciting! New technologies allow for continual skill development and a fast paced environment ensures you never get tired of your career.  
  • Job opportunity. An estimated 3,300 jobs will be available in the upcoming years in the Dayton region alone.
  • You can feel good about a career in manufacturing. People need the products you make, resulting in a more fulfilling work experience.
  • Instant gratification! No more waiting to see the outcome of your hard work, you get to see the creation immediately.
  • Looking to earn a degree or certificate? Many manufacturers want and need skilled workers and will pay for you to attend college to receive your degree or certificate.
  • Family comes first. First shift workdays typically end early resulting in more time for family after work. Additional shifts offer more options to fit your lifestyle.

Want to learn more? Hop on over to our Clark State Business Solutions page or take a look at the below resources to sharpen your manufacturing knowledge.

Clark State Training Resources

Are you ready to begin your journey to receiving a degree or certificate in manufacturing? Fantastic! At Clark State we offer a variety of degree and certificate programs that can help you get started in manufacturing today.

Associate Degrees:


 Don’t see a program you’re interested in above? Then take a look at the other majors and programs we offer.

FASTLANE Business Resources

Are you ready to grow your manufacturing business? Congratulations! FASTLANE is a great resource to help you achieve your goals. This vital non-profit team of consultants can connect you to a vast network of affordable resources including expert engineers, scientists, suppliers, and other professionals. 

Whether you read their blog or work with them directly, they will help your manufacturing business thrive.

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