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Class Schedule Planning

Easily find when and where your courses are offered!

Use our easy schedule planning tool below to see when and where courses in your program of study will be offered for the current academic year.

This is helpful information when planning your class schedule for each semester.

Course Traditional Online Hybrid Directed Learning
Spring 2022
ACC 1000   Mark    
ACC 1100 Mark Mark    
ACC 1200   Mark Mark  
ACC 1300   Mark    
ACC 1400   Mark    
ACC 2000   Mark    
ACC 2100        
ACC 2200   Mark Mark  
ACC 2300   Mark Mark  
ACC 2400        
Summer 2022
ACC 1000        
ACC 1100 Mark Mark    
ACC 1200        
ACC 1300        
ACC 1400        
ACC 2000        
ACC 2100        
ACC 2200        
ACC 2300        
ACC 2400        
Disclaimer: This information is for planning purposes only and does not guarantee availability. Clark State College will make every effort to offer courses as listed above but reserves the right to change, add, and cancel course offerings for unforeseen circumstances.