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Honors Program

Honors Program

Experience unique opportunities for hands-on learning experiences, civic engagement and academic growth.

Our Honors Program provides an academically challenging curriculum to high-achieving students. The Honors Program encourages lifelong learning through enhanced personal engagement, civic responsibility and community leadership. Students accepted into the Honors Program will be expected to participate in college and community activities.

Honors Scholarship

All students taking an Honors Course are required to submit a slide presentation of their Honors Project at the end of the semester. A team of judges will evaluate the presentations, and scholarships will be awarded to eligible students with the highest-ranked projects. Please refer to the Honors Program Student Guide for eligibility guidelines.

Admission Requirements

Applications for the Honors Program are accepted year-round.

  • High school students or students new to Clark State must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Currently enrolled Clark State students must have 3.3 cumulative GPA.
  • Must be enrolled for at least six (6) college credits each semester while in the Honors Program
  • College Credit Plus students taking six (6) credits or more on the Clark State campus or online may also apply if they meet the above criteria
  • High school students and new students to Clark State must request that their official transcript be sent to Clark State.

Note: All Honors courses, including contract courses, require excellence in writing. Therefore, current Clark State students may apply to the Honors Program only if they have completed or tested out of all CPE/remedial English courses.

Honors courses will be strategically scheduled to allow students no less than two (2) honors course options per semester.

Course Information

Honors Courses
Students follow an Honors Course Approval Process where the Honors Program Coordinator works with the student's instructor to create an Honors Project.  The project is an additional assignment that is more challenging than typical course work. 

Honors Program Levels
Students who complete three (3) Honors courses with a grade of B or higher will receive the Eagle Award. Students who complete of six (6) honors courses with a grade of B or higher will be designated an Honors Scholar.

Honors Program Probation

Students who do not maintain a 3.3 GPA during any semester in the Honors Program will be placed on probation for the next semester.

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