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TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services

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College life can bring challenges. TRIO Student Support Services helps students succeed in college and graduate. TRIO supplies you with the tools to write your own success story.

TRIO is a federally-funded college opportunity program designed to motivate and support students in their pursuit of a college degree. 

What does TRIO offer students?

  • Academic tutoring and instruction in various subjects, including math and English, as well as study skills
  • Advice and guidance on majors and college course selection
  • Information and instruction on financial and economic literacy
  • Assist students who want to transfer to a four-year college
  • Help complete the FAFSA, and scholarship applications
  • Guidance on choosing the right major for the best career
  • Connect students to campus and community resources
  • Opportunities to attend cultural activities such as plays, sporting events, museums and festivals


Students who need academic support and meet one of the following qualifications:

  • First-generation (those whose parents or guardians have not completed a bachelor’s degree)
  • Financial need
  • Documented disability

Benefits of participating in TRIO

  • TRIO helps students succeed in college. Participants have been shown to earn more credits and have higher GPA averages than non-participants.
  • TRIO helps students gain important skills. In addition to academic preparation in subjects like math and writing, students gain important skills that last a lifetime, such as time management, organization and networking.
  • TRIO helps build learning communities. In addition to receiving academic support, career counseling and much more, TRIO connects students from similar backgrounds, providing them with a support network that can last a lifetime.

Let us provide you with the tools to complete your college degree. Fill out your TRIO application today!

We're here to help!

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