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College Life
TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services

College life can bring challenges. The TRIO Student Support Services Program will help you meet those challenges and reach your academic, personal and career aspirations. TRIO provides personal assistance with college services such as basic study skill preparation, tutoring, financial aid assistance, academic advising and mentoring.

You are initially eligible for the TRIO Student Support Services Program if you are:

  • Required to take at least one developmental class as indicated by the ACCUPLACER Placement Test, or,
  • Out of school five or more years, or,
  • Earned a GED
  • Enrolled in either a two-year technical degree or a transfer degree program

In addition to the requirements above, you must also meet at least one of the categories below to be considered for the TRIO Student Support Services Program.

  • A first-generation college student (neither parent has a four-year college degree)
  • A family taxable income not exceeding 150% of the federal poverty guideline
  • A documented mental or physical disability

Let us provide you with the tools to complete your college degree. Fill out your TRIO application today!

We're here to help!

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