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Admissions for Healthcare Programs

Admissions for Healthcare Programs

Admission to some of our health-related programs are space-limited due to available clinical sites and general admission requirements. You will need to apply to Clark State, as well as the space-limited program. ​Admission to the College does not guarantee acceptance into a health program.

Contact the Admissions Office for additional application requirements. High school applicants for these programs are encouraged to apply for admission to the College in their senior year and fulfill the required prerequisites.


Students must apply for admission and are waitlisted until there is an available opening within the specified healthcare program due to limited space.

Applications (general):

Students can apply for general admission to a specified healthcare program that does require being added to a waitlist. These programs generally have no space limitations.

TEAS Testing Information

TEAS Exam is a requirement for applying to Clark State’s Registered Nursing Program. Currently, TEAS testing is only available for Clark State students and is offered virtually. TEAS testing is administered by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) and has a $65 examination fee plus a $5 remote testing fee that must be paid at the time of testing and will require an active debit or credit card for payment.

TEAS exams are 3 hours in length. A government issued photo ID is required at the start of the exam and will need to be displayed to the test proctor. 

  • Study materials can be found on the ATI website. Students are highly encouraged to review these materials prior to registration since there is a limit of how many times the exam may be taken. 
  • TEAS study manuals are also available at our Springfield, Beavercreek, Bellefontaine and Xenia campus locations. These materials can be checked out for a period of 30 days and taken home.

NOTE: In order to have your TEAS Assessment proctored by Clark State, you must submit your request online a minimum of two weeks in advance of the RN Application deadline. The test will be taken at your home or location of your choice using your personal device.

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