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Academic Advising

Academic Advising

You don't have to do it alone. Students who are new to Clark State will be advised during their first two semesters at Clark State by an academic advisor.


Rhodes Hall, First Floor  |  Student Academic Support Center

Cheryl Lentes
Call / Text: 937.328.5400
>>Schedule an Advising Appointment

Charmaine Misick
Business and Applied Technologies
Call / Text: 937.328.6479
>>Schedule an Advising Appointment

Brady Oder (Career Services Specialist)
Undecided Majors Career/Major Exploration Only (Not Class Registration) 
Call / Text: 937.328.8089
>>Schedule an Advising Appointment

Khalil Scott
Call / Text: 937.328.6489
>>Schedule an Advising Appointment

Louisa Tsuchida
Transfer, Public Service, Arts and Sciences
Call / Text: 937.328.5442
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Second Floor  |  Student Services

Josh Foster
All Majors
Call / Text: 937.431.7177
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Shannon Kollasch
Student Services Coordinator
Call/Text: 937.431.7165
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Nicolas Sparrow
Student Services Coordinator
Call / Text: 937.328.6485 
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David Hale
Call / Text: 937.328.6061 
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Callie Cary-Devine
Call / Text: 937.328.6122
>>Schedule an Advising Appointment

Rob Gast
Call / Text: 937.328.6149
>>Schedule an Advising Appointment

Joy Haviland
Call / Text: 937.328.3870
>>Schedule an Advising Appointment


Nicole Johnson
Director, Advising
Call / Text: 937.328.6055
>>Schedule an Advising Appointment

An academic advisor will establish the initial contact after placement testing and/or during the New Student Orientation. Throughout the first semester, your advisor will communicate with you via e-mail, request  advising appointments, be available for support and then help you with advising for the next semester.

Students in certain majors and/or programs (e.g. TRIO Student Support Services or Accessibility Services) may be referred to their designated advisor immediately after New Student Orientation. The specific co-hort of students who are attempting to apply to the Health Technologies programs will be advised until they have met the specific qualifiers.

Making an Appointment

Students can make an appointment with an Academic Advisor by calling one of the campus phone numbers below. The last advising appointment will be available 30 minutes prior to the end time. 

Scheduled Appointments:

  • Advising sessions at a specified time and on a specific day.
  • Services: new student appointments for those that completed online orientation, long term planning, schedule building, academic planning, RN or PTA application information for selective/competitive admission programs, career and major exploration, transfer institution/class questions, and college success course appointments.

*Please note that appointments should be scheduled at least one business day in advance. Due to the high volume of activity, appointments may not be available during peak registration times such as the three weeks leading up to the start of a term.

*Services not available during walk-in advising include: new student meetings, creating an academic plan, career and major exploration, RN or PTA application information for selective/competitive admission programs.

When you make an appointment, you should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Major or Certificate you want to pursue at Clark State
  • Phone number, including area code
  • Briefly describe what you hope to accomplish in your appointment, such as explore a new major or career option, schedule classes or create an academic plan.

You can have your questions answered via email. An Academic Advisor will reply to your inquiry within two business days!

Learning outcomes for students who participate in academic advising:

  • Students will create an academic plan
  • Students will be familiar with their academic major and career planning tools
  • Students will understand how to prepare for future advising appointments
  • Students will be familiar with campus resources

Questions? We're here to help!

Academic Advising - Springfield Rhodes Hall, First Floor


Academic Advising - Beavercreek Greene Center


Academic Advising - Bellefontaine Ohio Hi-Point


Academic Advising - Xenia Xenia YMCA