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Banking Departmental Certificate

Banking Departmental Certificate

This program is available at the Online location.

The Banking certificate provides students with an overview of the banking industry and a background for understanding. It provides them with the foundational knowledge of investments, consumer lending, and customer relations.

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of this certificate, a student will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of social responsibility trends, ethical issues, and legal considerations
  • Effectively use communications and human relations knowledge and skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the banking industry.
Course Title Credits
BNK 1000 Principles of Banking 3
ACC 1100 Introduction to Financial Accounting ^ 4
ENG 1111 English I 3
MGT 1100 Personal Finance 3
MGT 1115 Customer Relations 2
BNK 1100 Consumer Lending 3
BNK 2000 Introduction into Investments 3
BNK 2100 Money & Banking 3
ECO 2210 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ITS 1105 Computer Concepts and Software Applications ^* 3
  Total credit hours 30
^Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit Available.

*Students with little or no computer background should enroll in ITS 0700 before taking other computer courses.  Students without adequate keyboarding skills should enroll in ITS 0710 before taking a computer class.

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Michael Lander, MS Assistant Professor, Economics