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Business Transfer - Central State University

Business Transfer - Central State University

This program is available at the Beavercreek and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

The Business Transfer program is a calculus-based curriculum that will prepare a student to transfer into the College of Business at Central State University. This selection of courses is designed to allow a student to enter the College of Business with junior status upon completion, provided the student has maintained the requisite GPA.

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Embedded Certificates

This degree program contains one or more embedded certificates which will automatically be awarded if the certificate requirements are met unless students contact Records and Registration and indicate they do not wish to have the certificate credential awarded.

Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of an associate degree in Pre-Business, a graduate will be able to meet the goals outlined for the general associate of science degree; additionally, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness of the role of the business person in society.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the rapidly changing global business environment.
Course Title Credits
FYE 1101 College Success 1
ENG 1111 English I 3
PSY 1111 Introduction to Psychology 3
BIO 1510 Biology I 5
-- Elective* 3
ENG 1112 English II 3
HST 1110 Western Civilization to 1600  
or HST 1120 Western Civilization Since 1600 3
MTH 1280 College Algebra 4
-- Elective* 3
-- Elective* 3
ENG 2300 Great Books: World Literature 3
ECO 2210 Principles of Macroeconomics  
or ECO 2220 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MTH 2100 Calculus for the Management, Life and Social Sciences 5
PHY 1501 General Physics I with Algebra 5
-- Elective* 2
COM 1120 Public Speaking I 3
HST 1410 African American History to 1877  
or HST 1420 African American History Since 1877 3
SOC 1110 Introduction to Sociology 3
-- Elective* 3
-- Elective* 3
  Total credit hours 64
*Take a total of at least 17 concentration/elective credits within the degree from the following courses: ACC 1100, ACC 1200, ITS 1105, MGT 1105, MGT 1120, MGT 2600, MKT 2000, STT 2640, ECO 2210 (if not already taken), ECO 2220 (if not already taken).  These concentration/elective classes should be planned carefully with an advisor from Central State, and may vary by the specific concentration chosen.

In recognition of the growing importance of global awareness, the Associate of Science degree requires students to take at least four courses with significant international content.  Courses meeting this requirement are identified in the College catalog and are fulfilled as a part of the requirements within the concentration or elective areas.

All students pursuing the Associate of Science degree are required to complete at least 9 credit hours in courses numbered 2000 or higher.  These classes are taken as a part of the requirements within the concentration or elective areas.

The program schedule is designed for full-time students who have completed all prerequisites and who have no college preparatory recommendations. Some individuals, especially part-time students and those taking college preparatory courses, will require additional semesters of study. Students should consult their academic advisor for help in planning their schedules.

Academic Preparation

Students entering this program should have taken mathematics courses each year of high school. Students who do not test into MTH 1280 College Algebra will need to take the necessary prerequisite mathematics courses before beginning the mathematics sequence.

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