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Human Resource Management Departmental Certificate

Human Resource Management Departmental Certificate

This program is available at the Beavercreek, Online and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

This certificate is focused on developing the essential knowledge and skills needed by an individual who wants to work in the human resource field. Because of prerequisite requirements, it will generally take more than one academic year to complete.  All courses can be applied to the Human Resource Management Option of the associate degree in Management. Students should follow the recommended sequencing of courses, with consideration to the pre/co requisites, including college preparatory (CPE) requirements.

All business students are expected to use information technology skills as it applies to course requirements within all management options. 

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of this certificate, a student will be able to do the following:

  • Apply knowledge and skills in four functional areas of human resources including staffing, training and development, employment law, and compensation.
  • Effectively use communications and human relations knowledge and skills.
  • Research and apply human resource policies, practices, and programs.
Course Title Credits
HRM 1725 Human Resource Management 3
HRM 2300 Training and Development 3
ENG 1111 English I 3
ITS 1105 Computer Concepts and Software Applications ^* 3
MGT 1060 Organizational Behavior 3
HRM 2350 Employment Law 3
HRM 2400 Staffing 3
HRM 2450 Compensation and Benefits 3
MGT 2000 Introduction to Project Management  
or MGT 2650 Negotiation Skills 3
MTH 1060 Business Mathematics ^ 3
  Total credit hours 30
^ Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Credit Available.

* Students with little or no computer background should enroll in ITS 0700 before taking other computer courses.  Students without adequate keyboarding skills should enroll in ITS 0710 before taking a computer class.

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Lynn Geist, MS Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Human Resources and Management