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Information Services: Library Paraprofessional

Information Services: Library Paraprofessional

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Belmont College and Clark State agree to cooperate in correlating their respective programs for the purpose of providing the Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Services: Library Paraprofessional. This formal arrangement permits Clark State students to benefit in order to pursue library paraprofessional training from Belmont College.

In an information-driven age, there is a definite need for trained information specialists and library paraprofessionals who possess advanced technological skills. This degree provides an array of skill sets that are applicable to many career fields.

This specialty is intended for those interested in employment or already employed in public, academic, K-12, or other type of library or information technology organization. The program is designed to accommodate part-time distance education students. Studies focus on the skills needed to assist information seekers in defining, finding, evaluating and using information. Libraries increasingly need employees who can use computers effectively and present information  - especially on the web, as part of patron training, or in professionally developed brochures, and flyers. This specialty focuses on understanding library and information services and operations; finding, evaluating, organizing and presenting information; and preparing information for presentation.

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of an Associate of Applied Science degree in Information Services: Library Paraprofessional, a graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective team communications and collaboration.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively use computer software while completing an organizational project.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply information literacy skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply effective, clear, and grammatically correct written communications.
Course Title Credits
ENG 1111 English I 3
ITS 1105 Computer Concepts and Software Applications 3
-- FYE 1120 Success in Online Learning (Belmont online) 2
-- LIS 1104 Communication and Teamwork (Belmont online) 3
-- Social Science Elective (See transfer module eligible courses on page xx) 3
COM 1120 Public Speaking I 3
-- LIS 1101 Foundations of Library Services (Belmont online) 3
-- LIS 1105 Reference and Information Services (Belmont online) 3
-- Information Technology Elective (Select from ITS, NTK, CSD, NWM, and GPH courses) 3
-- Literature Elective 3
-- Directed Library Elective (Belmont online) 3
-- General Education Elective 3
NWM 1010 Social Media and Digital Interactivity Social Media and Digital Interactivity 3
MTH 1070 Quantitative Reasoning  
or MTH 1280 College Algebra  
or STT 2640 Elementary Statistics I 3
-- LIS 2103 Technology in Libraries (Belmont online) 3
-- Directed Library Elective (Belmont online) 3
-- Information Technology Elective 3
-- LIS 2282 Information Services Capstone & Project (Belmont online) 2
-- LIS 2280 Information Services Seminar (Belmont online) 1
-- Library Elective (Belmont online) 3
-- General Education Elective 3
-- Natural & Physical Science Elective (with a lab - see transfer module eligible courses on page xx) 3
  Total credit hours 62


The curriculum in this program matches the competencies required by the American Library Association - Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA) sponsored Library Support Staff Certification Program. For more information, visit and

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