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Laser Beam Welding Short-Term Technical Certificate

Laser Beam Welding Short-Term Technical Certificate

This program is available at the Springfield - Leffel Lane location.

Welding is a staple within industrial manufacturing. Because there are so many variations of both, general welding and LBW, there are many nuances to the various welding processes. Students will gain an understanding of these various welding mechanisms, both to expand their skillsets and reduce future errors. They will learn the theory behind laser-focused welding processes and apply this knowledge in a hands-on setting. 

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Course Title Credits
LMP 1000 Laser Safety 1
LMP 1010 Laser Fundamentals 3
LMP 1020 Laser Electro-Optics and Measurement 3
INT 1000 OSHA 10-Hour General Safety 1
ENT 1050 Manufacturing Foundations 4
EBE 1000 Employability Skills 1
LMP 2300 Laser Beam Welding 3
  Total credit hours 16

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Dr. Farhan Bin Tarik Assistant Professor, ENT Photonics