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Manufacturing Technology Management - Mechanical Engineering Technology Concentration

Manufacturing Technology Management - Mechanical Engineering Technology Concentration

Bachelor of Applied Science

This program is available at the Springfield - Leffel Lane location.

Students completing a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Manufacturing Technology Management are qualified to pursue management, supervisor, and team leader roles in manufacturing, distribution, and engineering related facilities. Training in this program includes hands-on technical labs in robotics, welding, computer numerical control (CNC), industrial maintenance, manufacturing, additive, and computer-aided design.  Management skills are embedded in each course to give students the opportunity to have “real life” experiences in the areas of human relations, communication, project management, and business.

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Manufacturing Technology Management, a graduate will be able to:

  • Integrate principles of management with manufacturing processes, procedures, and production to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills in a manufacturing setting.
  • Assess and apply operations management theory and best practices within the manufacturing environment to achieve operational goals.
  • Demonstrate the management of integrated manufacturing processes within complex manufacturing environments
  • Analyze and improve operations management decisions to meet desired outcomes within the manufacturing facility from design to production to sustainability.
  • Generate training programs, evaluation methods and schedules to provide comprehensive training covering a broad range of technical skills used in manufacturing.
  • Evaluate communication, leadership, and human relations skills between all levels of personnel within a manufacturing setting.
Course Title Credits
ENT 1000 Introduction to Industrial and Engineering Technology 3
ENT 1050 Manufacturing Foundations 4
EBE 1000 Employability Skills 1
ENG 1111 English I 3
INT 1000 OSHA 10-Hour General Safety 1
MTH 1280 College Algebra  
or MTH 2200 Calculus I 4
ENT 1500 Engineering Materials 3
INT 1320 Electrical Control Relay 1
INT 2500 Programmable Logic Control 3
ENG 1112 English II 3
MTH 1340 Pre-Calculus  
or MTH 2220 Calculus II 5
EBE 2702 Co-op Education I 2
ENT 2100 Manufacturing Processes 3
CAD 2100 Solid Modeling 3
PHY 1501 General Physics I with Algebra  
or PHY 2501 College Physics I with Calculus 5
-- Arts/Humanities or Social Behavior Science (GA) 3
ENT 2200 Statics 3
ENT 2300 Strength of Materials 3
ENT 2600 Engineering Design 3
PHY 1502 General Physics II with Algebra  
or PHY 2502 College Physics II with Calculus 5
MTM 3000 Technical Manufacturing Skills for Management I 5
MTM 3100 Technical Manufacturing Skills for Management II 5
COM 1120 Public Speaking I 3
-- Physical Science 4
MTM 3200 Integrative Manufacturing Technology 4
MTM 3300 Quality Management Systems in Manufacturing 4
MTM 3400 OSHA 30-Hour General Safety 3
MTH 3000 Math for Manufacturing Technology 4
MTM 4000 Real World Applications in Manufacturing 3
MTM 4100 Technical Communications 3
MGT 1500 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt / Problem Solving for Team Members 1
MGT 1510 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt / Problem Solving for Team Leaders 3
-- Arts/Humanities or Social/Behavioral Science 3
MTM 4300 Manufacturing Innovations 5
MTM 4400 Advanced Project Management for Manufacturing Processes 4
ECO 2220 Principles of Microeconomics 3
-- Arts/Humanities or Social/Behavioral Science 3
  Total credit hours 121

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Dr. J. Nickey Brown Assistant Professor, Manufacturing Technology Management