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New Media Web Design Departmental Certificate

New Media Web Design Departmental Certificate

This program is available at the Springfield - Leffel Lane location.

This certificate provides the knowledge and skills necessary to do web design and front end web development.

Career Information

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of the New Media Web Design Departmental Certificate, a graduate will be able to:

  • Design websites with usability in mind.
  • Manage a new media design problem from conceptualization to finished project.
Course Title Credits
ITS 1500 HTML and CSS 3
CSD 1510 Programming Fundamentals with Python 3
NWM 1005 Digital Aesthetics and User Experience 3
NWM 1020 Adobe for Web Professionals 3
NWM 1610 Web Design 3
CSD 1600 JavaScript and jQuery 3
NWM 2400 Advanced Web Design 3
CSD 2610 Mobile Web Application Programming 3
  Total credit hours 24