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Technical Support Short-Term Technical Certificate

Technical Support Short-Term Technical Certificate

This program is available at the Beavercreek and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

This certificate is focused on providing the knowledge and skills necessary to support computer and network end-users and support desktop application software.

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of the Technical Support short-term technical certificate, a graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of computer and network systems terms and concepts.
  • Setup, install, configure, and troubleshoot hardware/software for desktop computer systems.
  • Install, configure, manage, and maintain network-based voice, audio, and video technologies.
  • Use and troubleshoot basic application software.
Course Title Credits
NTK 1110 PC Hardware Essentials 3
NTK 1120 PC Operating Systems Essentials 3
-- ITS Electives* 4
NTK 1211 Fundamentals of Networking 3
CSE 1110 Introduction to Cybersecurity 3
CSE 1120 Cybersecurity - Security + 3
ITS 1238 Intermediate Spreadsheet 2
  Total credit hours 21
*Students may take 4 credits fro subject code ITS except ITS 0800 and ITS 0810.

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Alisa Van Overstraeten Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Cybersecurity