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Child Development Associate Certificate

Child Development Associate Short-Term Technical Certificate

This program is available at the Springfield - Leffel Lane location.

The Child Development Associate Short-Term Technical Certificate (CDA) is the first step toward working and teaching children birth through 5 years old. Students will complete four courses to ensure they acquire the understanding, content knowledge, and skill to teach young children. Students also complete observation hours in a designated focus area (infant/toddler or preschool).

The CDA allows students to transition easily into the Clark State Early Childhood Education program since the courses are embedded in the AAS in Early Childhood Education degree.


Students earn the CDA certification as part of the final course, ECE 1201 Child Development Associate Capstone. The final examination and certification application are required for the course. Students also create a cover letter, resume, and portfolio to prepare for job placement in early childhood centers and agencies.

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Outcomes and Curriculum

  • Demonstrate understanding of safe and healthy learning environments for children in order to prevent and reduce injuries.
  • Understands a variety of developmentally appropriate teaching strategies promoting physical, cognitive, language, literacy and creative development of all children in their care.
  • Explain how relationships with a child individually and in a group setting helps with individual identity, cultural identity, and social skills.
  • Demonstrate understanding of strategies used to promote children’s self-regulation.
  • Demonstrates understanding of importance of family engagement with child and program.
  • Explains how observation, documentation and planning to support children’s development and learning is crucial to the program.
  • Understands personal and professional growth benefits children, families and the program.
Course Title Credits
ECE 1101 Professional Development for Educators (new curriculum item) 1
ECE 1103 Early Childhood Development (new curriculum item) 3
ECE 1106 Health, Safety and Nutrition (new curriculum item) 2
ECE 1201 Child Development Associate Capstone (new curriculum item) 3
  Total credit hours 9

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Bridget Ingram Professor, Health Technologies


Program faculty

Brielle Ward