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Firefighter II Short-Term Technical Certification

Firefighter II Short-Term Technical Certification

This program is available at the Bellefontaine and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

This course is available as a direct delivery outreach offering as requested.

This 104-hour Level II course transitions the Level I Firefighter to the minimum requirement under NFPA 1001 Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications to be a career Firefighter. The Level II course completes the advanced tactics of ventilation, fire control, an in-depth understanding of fire prevention, and public education as well as rope rescue and auto machinery extrication.


  • Fire alarms and communications
  • Firehose appliances and streams
  • Foam fire systems
  • Rescue
  • Fire detection alarm and suppression systems
  • Fire cause and education
  • Extensive live fire operations

An in-depth list of the Firefighter II course objectives are available on the Ohio Department of Public Safety website.

Most achieve 78% overall course average, pass the Ohio Department of Public Safety final exam with 70%, and pass all Pro Board Accredited skill stations.

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Outcomes and Curriculum

The student will gain confidence in working with fire alarm detection systems and well as automatic suppression systems, understand concepts of foam and how it relates to fire control on liquid fuel fires. The student will also gain confidence performing rescue and fire control operation in live fire situations and hands-on scenarios.

Course Title Credits
FFC 2020 Firefighter II 4
  Total credit hours 4

Academic Preparation

State of Ohio Level I Firefighter certification, NIMS 100 and 700, Hazardous Materials Responder Operations Level certification, and certified emergency vehicle operators (CEVO) certification.

Academic Requirements

To successfully complete the Firefighter I Short-Term Technical Certificate students must achieve 78% overall course average, pass the State of Ohio Public Safety Level I test with at least 70%, and pass all Pro Board accredited skill stations.

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Jeremy Linn Fire Training Coordinator