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Firefighter / Transition Departmental Certificate

Firefighter / Transition Departmental Certificate

This program is available at the Bellefontaine and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

This course is available as a direct delivery outreach offering as requested.

This 120 hour course builds on the awareness level of the 36-hour Volunteer Firefighter course.


  • CEVO - Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator certification with documented 8 hours of hands-on driving skills
  • Hazardous Materials Operations level certificate
  • Interior live fire training
  • Vehicle extrication training
  • Advanced PPE/SCBA training
  • Ventilation and tools
  • Rope use and care
  • Salvage and overhaul
  • Ground ladders
  • 16 Life Safety Initiatives
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Outcomes and Curriculum

This course transitions the basic 36 hour Volunteer Firefighter to a NFPA 1001 Level 1 Firefighter. The course prepares the firefighter to:

  • Operate inside burning structures.
  • Safely place and climb ground ladders
  • Determine need and apply sound ventilation practices.
  • Gain skills in incident command and basic first aid.
Course Title Credits
FFC 1020 Firefighter I Transition 5
  Total credit hours 5

Academic Preparation

Students must already have their 36-hour Volunteer Firefighter certification, NIMS 100 and 700, and have a valid driver's license.

Academic Requirements

To successfully complete the Firefighter/Transition Departmental Certificate students must achieve 78% overall course average, successfully pass the Ohio Department of Public Safety exam with a minimum of 70%, and pass all Pro Board Accredited skill stations.

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Jeremy Linn Fire Training Coordinator