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Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate

Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate

This program is available at the Beavercreek and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

The Multi-Skilled Healthcare certificate program is designed for individuals who are currently working in healthcare or who wish to enter the healthcare field. This program provides an introduction to the healthcare environment and provides training in more than one healthcare skill in order to meet the ever changing needs of the healthcare delivery system. Upon completion of this certificate students will have the skills needed to obtain employment in a variety of healthcare settings.

Students complete core courses and select courses from different specialty areas. The flexibility of the program allows students to choose specialty courses that meet their individual interests and needs. Many of these specialty areas have national certification or state licensure. Students who complete these specialty courses will be eligible to take appropriate certification or licensure examinations.

Courses within this program may also be taken by students in other degree or certificate programs and by healthcare professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and skills and/or increase marketability for employment.

Many of the courses within this program also meet course requirements for a variety of the College’s associate degree programs. Students who wish to complete an associate degree may also choose the Associate of Technical Studies Multi-skilled Healthcare option and select courses which match their interests and/or career goals.

Embedded certificates
This degree program contains one or more embedded certificates which will automatically be awarded if the certificate requirments are met unless students contact Records and Registration and indicate they do not wish to have the certificate credential awarded.

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Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of the Multi-Skilled Healthcare Certificate, the graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of healthcare delivery systems and healthcare occupations.
  • Communicate using correct medical terminology.
  • Demonstrate computer skills essential for today's healthcare worker.
  • Describe the structures and functions of the human body
  • Identify common alterations in health and appropriate measures for prevention, detection, and management.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in technical skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the interpersonal, ethical, and professional behaviors required in healthcare.
Course Title Credits
BIO 1105 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology 3
EMS 1171 Basic Life Support: CPR 0.5
FYE 1101 College Success 1
MST 1101 Introduction to Health Care 3
MST 1105 Medical Terminology 2
-- Technical Elective(s) * 6
ITS 1105 Computer Concepts and Software Applications 3
MST 1140 Human Disease 3
PSY 1111 Introduction to Psychology 3
-- Technical Elective(s) * 6
COM 1110 Interpersonal Communication I  
or COM 1120 Public Speaking I  
or COM 1170 Small Group Communication 3
ENG 1111 English I 3
  Total credit hours 36.5
* Students must choose a total of 12 credit hours of technical elective course work from two or more of the following specialty areas. Students should verify that course prerequisites have been met prior to registering for a course.

 Diagnostic Procedures

MLT 1120 Medical Laboratory Orientation and Phlebotomy (2 credits) (must also register for MLT 1125) MLT 1125 Medical Laboratory Orientation and Phlebotomy Laboratory (1 credit) (must also register for MLT1120) MST 1160 Phlebotomy (2 credits) (must also register for MST 1161) MST 1161 Phlebotomy Lab (1 credit) (must also register for MST 1160) MST 1171 Principles of Electrocardiography (2 credits) Direct Patient Care

BIO 1110 Basic Human Nutrition (2 credits) MST 1181 Nurse Aide Training (4 credits) NUR 1110 Dosage Calculations (1 credit) PTA 1112 PTA Survey (1 credit) Emergency Care

EMS 1100 EMT Theory and Practice (7 credits) Chemical Dependency

SWK 1105 Chemical Dependency I: Pharmacology/Physiology of Psychoactive Substances (3 credits) SWK 2205 Chemical Dependency II: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies (3 credits) SWK 2215 Chemical Dependency III: Co-occurring Disorders of Addiction & Mental Health (3 credits) Medical Coding OAD 2301 CPT/ICD-10-PCS Coding (3 credits) OAD 2302 ICD-10-CM Coding (3 credits) OAD 2312 Advanced Medical Coding (3 credits) OAD 2320 Medical Office Certification Review (1 credit) Healthcare Management ACC 1000 Accounting Concepts (3 credits) ACC 1100 Introduction to Financial Accounting (4 credits) MGT 1060 Organizational Behavior (3 credits) MGT 1120 Principles of Management (3 credits) Other Technical Elective

EBE 1000 Employability Skills (1 credits) The program schedule is designed for full-time students who have completed all prerequisites and who have no college preparatory recommendations. Many individuals, especially part-time students and those taking college preparatory courses, will require additional semesters of study. Students should consult their academic advisors for help in planning their schedules.

Academic Requirements

Non-Academic Requirements

  • Must meet specified health requirements prior to enrolling in clinical or directed practice courses.
  • Will be billed for liability insurance when registering for specified clinical or directed practice courses.
  • Will be required to obtain a criminal background check prior to enrolling in specified clinical or directed practice courses. 

Students should also be aware that clinical/directed practice sites may also require:

  • Random drug screening.
  • HIV testing, if exposed to blood-borne pathogens.
  • Submission to treatment/counseling, if exposed to infectious diseases.

Certificate Requirements
To qualify for a certificate in Multi-Skilled Healthcare students must pass all required courses, must obtain a grade of C or better in all technical courses, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

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