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Teacher Education Transfer

Teacher Education Transfer

This program is available at the Beavercreek and Springfield - Leffel Lane locations.

The Associate of Arts (AA) Teacher Education Transfer concentration is designed for students who plan to transfer into a Teacher Education program at a four-year college or university. It is not designed to prepare students for immediate employment in an educational setting upon graduation. This is a generalist preparation degree program for all students planning future K-12 licensure

Students completing the curriculum will satisfy the AA degree requirements and many of the general education courses required for transfer to a four-year teacher preparation program. In addition, students will complete several courses that focus on the foundations of teaching and education.

Four-year colleges and universities generally require that students spend a significant portion of their first two years taking courses that build their knowledge and skills in general education. The AA degree focuses on courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Credit hours must come from areas in accordance with the AA degree requirements listed in the front of the catalog. The remaining credit hours are divided among the College Success course and specific education courses. 

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Embedded Certificates

This degree program contains one or more embedded certificates which will automatically be awarded if the certificate requirements are met unless students contact Records and Registration and indicate they do not wish to have the certificate credential awarded.

Outcomes and Curriculum

Upon completion of an Associate of Arts in Teacher Education Transfer degree, a graduate will be able to:

  • Write clearly.
  • Think critically.
  • Critically analyze a work of literature, music, theatre, art, or architecture.
  • Analyze and evaluate issues of the human historical and philosophical experience.
  • Describe and assess divergent aspects of individual and group human behavior.
  • Demonstrate mathematical and computer literacy.
  • Identify and apply the concepts of various aspects of the natural and physical world.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of core educational concepts and strategies.
Course Title Credits
EDU 1110 Introduction to Education * 3
ECE 1103 Early Childhood Development * 3
BIO 1410 Fundamentals of Biology 4
ENG 1111 English I 3
FYE 1101 College Success 1
PSY 1111 Introduction to Psychology (GA) 3
ENG 1112 English II 3
EDU 2110 Family, Community, Schools 3
ART 1300 Appreciation of the Arts (GA)  
or THE 1130 Theatre Appreciation (GA) 3
-- Natural Science Elective ** 4
PSY 2218 Introduction to Educational Psychology * 3
COM 1120 Public Speaking I 3
ENG 2300 Great Books: World Literature (GA) 3
HST -- History Elective*** 3
PHL -- Philosophy Elective**** 3
SOC 1110 Introduction to Sociology 3
EDU 2217 Individuals with Exceptionalities * 3
STT 2640 Elementary Statistics I 3
SOC 2220 Comparing Cultures (GA)  
or SOC 2240 Racial and Cultural Minorities (GA) 3
HST -- History Elective*** 3
  Total credit hours 60
*Ohio TAG course. TAG courses are consistently transferable to other Ohio public colleges and normally will count toward the major at the transfer institution. Courses may also be used to fulfill additional general education requirements at the four-year institution as applicable.

**Science courses should be selected from those listed under Natural & Physical Sciences in the OhioTransfer 36. Many options are available; choose one most suited to your transfer institution.

*** History courses should be selected from those listed under Arts and Humanities.

****The Philosophy course should be selected from those listed under Arts and Humanities.

The program schedule is designed for full-time students who have completed all prerequisites and who have no college preparatory recommendations. Many individuals, especially part-time students and those taking college preparatory requirements, will require additional semesters of study.

In recognition of the importance of global awareness, the College also requires that students receiving the Associate of Arts degree take at least four courses with significant international content.  Courses in the curriculum plan above that meet this requirement are identified with the "GA" designation behind the course name.

Academic Requirements

Teacher Education students need a college-preparatory high school background. Four years of each of the following content areas is strongly recommended: English, mathematics, science and social studies; foreign language is highly beneficial. Students with fewer classes in these areas may require college preparatory classes or additional coursework at Clark State.

Transfer Information

Students seeking an Associate of Arts Education Transfer degree should plan the details of the program at Clark State according to the requirements of the individual transfer institution. Transfer institutions make the determination in acceptance of credit. The student should consult his/her academic advisor and the intended transfer institution when planning a schedule of classes. In some instances, to prevent taking additional courses, the student may benefit by transferring to the University after one year at Clark State. For more information, please visit the Transfer Guides page on our website.

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