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Skills Needed to Take Online Courses

Skills Needed to Take Online Courses

Online learning requires a unique set of skills, Review the skills required for our online classes below. We offer computer basic workshops at both our Springfield and Beavercreek locations.

Basic Skills

  • Good time management skills; ability to schedule your time effectively and complete assignments on time.
  • Be self-motivated and self-disciplined; you don’t need to be reminded of deadlines.
  • Good reading and comprehension skills: ability to follow written instructions.

Computer Skills

  • Locate a file on a hard drive, flash drive and/or server
  • Create and manage files and folders including saving, organizing and deleting files and/or folders
  • Navigate between applications
  • Upload and download files
  • Download and install software programs from the web
  • Open and listen/view audio and/or video files
  • Safely create and remember logins and passwords

E-mail Skills

  • Send and open an e-mail message
  • Forward and/or reply to an e-mail message
  • Open and save an attachment
  • Attach and send an attachment
  • Create e-mail folders and save messages to a specific folder
  • Create and/or add a name to an address book
  • Cut and paste from a word processing program into an e-mail
  • Use appropriate “netiquette” (language and spelling) in discussions, postings, chats and assignments

Brower Skills

  • Identify the browser you are using
  • Go to a specific URL or web page
  • Print or save a web page
  • Follow a hypertext link
  • Search using a basic search engine
  • Return to a previous page visited

Word Processing Skills

  • Open a new or existing document
  • Save a document
  • Cut, paste and/or format text
  • Print a document