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Proficiency Credit

Proficiency Credit

Previous experience through training or non-credit coursework? See if you qualify for college credit!

Any student who believes he/she is qualified for college credit through experience, previous training, or noncredit coursework may request a proficiency exam at the appropriate school office. When a proficiency examination is an appropriate measure, the examination will be thorough and in keeping with the established goals and objectives of the course(s) and the overall program. Theoretical knowledge will be tested by faculty recommendation through common acceptable measures (i.e., paper and pencil, computerized, etc.) with the possibility of a practical skills component. Both written and practical skills testing may be required to ensure course rigor is maintained and achieved.

Students are able to review the master syllabus of the course they are interested in testing for, and speak with the departmental faculty regarding content. The master syllabus may be found in the any of the majors and programs.

Cost of Proficiency Exam

  • written only portion: $25/credit hour for up to a maximum total of $75 (for 3 or more credit hours)
  • skills only exam: $50
  • written and skills response: $25/credit hour for up to a maximum total of $75 (for 3 or more credit hours) and $50 for the skills portion of the exam.

Students must meet all course prerequisites to be eligible for a proficiency test. Interested students are encouraged to submit the Prior Learning Assessment form below.

Prior Learning Assessment Interest Form