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How to Report

How to Report


All incidents of sex discrimination should be reported to enable the College to take immediate action to eliminate the discrimination, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.  In order to enable the College to respond effectively and to stop instances of sex discrimination, all College employees must, within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the information, report information they have about reported or possible sex discrimination to a Title IX Coordinator.

Reporting Options

Complaints of sex discrimination should be made to a Title IX Coordinator.  Upon receipt of a formal complaint, the College will follow procedures in response to the reported conduct. A formal complaint is a document filed by a complainant or signed by a Title IX Coordinator alleging sexual harassment against a respondent and requesting that the College investigate the allegation of sexual harassment.

Formal complaints can be submitted by the following ways:
  1. Make the complaint to the Title IX Coordinator; or
  2. Submit the online Sex Discrimination Form.

Supportive Measures

Supportive measures are non-disciplinary, non-punitive individualized services offered to either party, as appropriate and reasonably available, before or after the filing of a formal complaint or where no formal complaint has been filed. Supportive measures are individualized services meant to restore or preserve access to the learning, and working environment; to protect students and employees; or deter sexual harassment. They may include may include counseling, campus escort services, mutual restrictions on contact between the parties or modifications of work/class schedules.