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Clark State Agriculture Program to Offer Cannabis Course Beginning in Spring Semester

Clark State Agriculture Program to Offer Cannabis Course Beginning in Spring Semester

October 18, 2021

The Clark State College agriculture program has added a new course selection to be offered in the spring of 2022. The Global Awareness course, Cannabis (AGR 1175) is a 3-credit hour course covering various topics including: historical and modern uses of cannabis, use in modern society, economy, politics, medical effects of cannabis, evolution, classification, and growth of the cannabis plant.

“Since it is still illegal at the federal level and in some states, it is considered a part of the ‘shadow economy’ so we will discuss that as well political systems because in one state it may be legal and in the next state it could be a jailable offense,” said Dr. Arly Drake, assistant professor of agriculture at Clark State.

Drake said there are other social aspects to cannabis as well such as the culture surrounding its use and how its perception by the public has changed over time. 

“It has played a role in our history,” she said. “For example, during World War II we were short on materials, so we brought (cannabis) back and it was used in military parachutes. Where it was grown it continued to grow wild in place like Gary, Indiana and people could lose property if they did not control it.”

Drake said the course will touch upon some adult topics and also cover some of the negative aspects of cannabis use. 

“I think for our students it means they will be exposed to some differing opinions, some of our history and certain aspects of our society that might be a bit taboo in some other courses,” she said.

Drake said the cannabis course was added because there has been an increased interest in cannabis now that it is legal in Ohio for medical purposes.   

“There are a couple of cannabis grow operations local to the area and there are jobs available in this field,” she said. “I believe to an extent that acknowledging that while it is a new industry, it is likely here to stay and grow. This course helps us to remain progressive and relevant to our industry.”

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