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Clark State Commercial Transportation Location Now Serves as Official State Testing Site for Prospective Drivers

Clark State Commercial Transportation Location Now Serves as Official State Testing Site for Prospective Drivers

December 1, 2021

The Clark State College Commercial Transportation Training Center will now also serve as an official state testing site for those who have met the requirements for the CDL exam.

“Our testing site is open to the public,” said Duane Hodge, director of the Clark State commercial transport training center. “Anyone wanting to take the CDL test can call and schedule to test here.”

Hodge said Ohio has a serious issue with lack of official sites for CDL testing. 

“Adding more test sites benefits (Clark State) students, too because they train and test at the same location,” he said. “It also adds testing capacity to the state which does help Ohio put out more drivers faster.”

Requirements for testers include:

 Appropriate permits to complete testing at least 14 days before the scheduled appointment.

 Beginning February 2022: testers must show proof of attending an accredited trucking school in order to test.

Hodge said prospective professional drivers obtain their CDL when they pass the exam administered at the testing site; then they are able to seek employment.  

Hodge said commercial driving has been a top 10 in-demand occupation in Ohio for the last decade and in March of this year, it was at number 2, behind Registered Nurses.

 “Ten years ago, only 25 to 30 percent of all major motor carriers would hire students right out of school with no experience,” said Hodge. “Today, 99 percent of all major motor carriers will take drivers right out of CDL school.”

Hodge said starting salaries have also increased significantly and graduates can make anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 weekly depending on their workload. 

“This (testing site) has been a long time coming and we are extremely happy to be able to add testing capacity to the state of Ohio,” said Hodge. “We would like to thank the staff of the Ohio Department of Public Saftey for their assistance in getting us up and running.”

The Clark State CDL Testing Site is certified by the Ohio BMV and is located at: 352 Tremont City Road, Springfield, Ohio. To schedule an exam, call: 937.328.8062.

Clark State’s Commercial Transportation Training Center offers several truck driver programs of varying duration and intensity, for both corporate employees and newcomers to the industry. Programs conclude with the participants obtaining Class A or Class B CDL licensing and job placement assistance if needed.

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