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Clark State Continues to Offer New Beginnings Debt Forgiveness Program

Clark State Continues to Offer New Beginnings Debt Forgiveness Program

November 8, 2021

Clark State College continues to offer The New Beginning program focused on assisting former students who have an outstanding balance with the College but are considerably close to completing their degree.

The New Beginning program offers debt-forgiveness to eligible students who successfully complete their program of study. “It is Clark State’s intention to assist students in reaching their academic and career goals, and it is understood that life events occur and may prevent them from obtaining their goals,” said Ron Gordon, dean of enrollment services at Clark State. “Working with students who are close to attaining their degree and removing an obstacle that is preventing them from taking those last steps is the reason why the New Beginning program was implemented.”

Gordon said eleven students have completed the debt forgiveness program since its inception in 2019. Although, he said, enrollment into the program has slowed since the fall of 2020 due to federal funding programs designed to allow students to immediately apply for assistance with a balance accumulated during a semester. These funding sources were deemed necessary following the onset of the pandemic and are used to encourage students to continue pursuing their education.

“Clark State remains committed to students who are faced with life challenges that may prohibit them from completing their degree and will continue offering debt forgiveness once other funding programs are not an option,” said Gordon.

Candidates for the program include former students who are within two terms of completing their program of study, hold a GPA of 2.0 or higher, are in good academic and conduct standing and have an outstanding tuition balance.

Gordon said each student who presents an interest in the New Beginning program will be considered for readmission to the College. “Students accepted into the New Beginning program will complete their readmission to the College by agreeing to meet the guidelines of the program, and their previous balance will be forgiven as long as they complete their program of study and the provisions of the program,” he said.

Clark State offered this option for the first time in the Spring of 2019 as a pilot program. Students who met the criteria were contacted by the College informing them of the steps to participate.

Clark State will follow the same process for the start of the spring semester in January. Former students who may qualify for the New Beginning program should call 937.431.7157 for further details.

“Clark State recognizes the many challenges that may cause a student to stumble as they work towards their goal of degree completion, and the New Beginning program can be the key to unlocking a future of prosperity,” said Gordon. “Clark State has pledged its support in removing barriers and finding ways to assist students in obtaining their academic and career goals. The New Beginning program is a one-time opportunity that has the potential to meet expectations of creating such pathways that leads to student success.”

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