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Clark State Holds Summer Cybersecurity Intern Showcase

Clark State Holds Summer Cybersecurity Intern Showcase

August 4, 2015

Clark State Community College will hold a Summer Cybersecurity Intern Showcase from 10 a.m.-12 p.m., Wednesday, August 5 at the Clark State Greene Center Campus, 3775 Pentagon Boulevard in Beavercreek.

Eleven Clark State students, including three high school students and three high school faculty members, engaged in research and hands-on cybersecurity work projects at AT&T Governments Services and at Riverside Research Institute. The interns also participated in a three-day "Hack Fest" where they gained first-hand experience defending systems against hackers.

"Students are able to jump-start their careers in the cybersecurity field by gaining experience that takes them beyond the classroom walls into the center of this critically needed field," says Cathy S. Balas, Clark State's co-principal investigator for the program.

The 2015 internships were sponsored through an Advanced Technological Education grant from the National Science Foundation received by Clark State and were designed to provide faculty and students with advanced training and hands-on experiences in the growing field of cybersecurity.

This summer the teams worked at AT&T Government Services and Riverside Research Institute and conducted research and hands-on projects to protect the security of industrial and technical systems such as utilities, traffic systems and unmanned drones.

Intern Participants include:
Anthony Adams
Steven Earles
Kevin Gardner
Fenton Harrison III
Shayne Kiser
Cody Meade
Daniel Nelson
Thomas Sanders, Jr.
Sherry Thomas
Jeremiah White
Robert Whittacker

Extern Participants include:
Sean Fadden
Richard Storrick
Rosina Matthies

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