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Clark State Scholars Program

The Clark State Foundation and several school districts in Clark and Champaign County proudly partner to support first-generation, college-bound students! Our Scholars SOAR to success by participating in an immersive, pre-college experience throughout high school. Upon high school graduation and completion of the Scholars Program, each Scholar earns a three-year scholarship to Clark State College.

Our Scholars benefit from mentorship throughout high school. Mentor sessions focus on test-taking, studying, aptitude tests, personal development skills, and other educational topics. Students work with a dedicated community mentor and build meaningful relationships. Scholars visit Clark State College twice a year to explore in-demand careers and educational programs, receive tickets to special Clark State College events, receive comprehensive tutoring, and attend field trips.

  • Springfield City School District
  • Graham Local School District
  • Urbana City School District
  • Tecumseh Local School District
  • Clark-Shawnee Local School District

Program Entry Criteria:

  • Enrolled in eighth grade at a participating school district
  • Household size and annual household income amount meets federal income eligibility guidelines for free meals or reduced prices meals as outlined in the USDA Income Eligibility Guidelines
  • Achieve at least a 2.75 grade point average during student’s seventh grade year
  • Neither parent (including step-parent) / legal guardian has earned an associate’s or higher-level college degree at the time of application

High School Scholars Criteria: Upon acceptance to the program, all Scholars and their parents/guardians must agree to uphold the following criteria throughout their high school career to remain eligible.

  • Maintain a 2.0 (2.75 for Class of 2028 and beyond) or greater grade point average
  • Maintain 93 percent or better school attendance
  • Participate in the program activities, including attendance at monthly Mentor Sessions
  • Exhibit good citizenship. (Students must not have been suspended or expelled)
  • Stay enrolled in the district in which you were inducted*
  • Enroll at Clark State College the fall semester after high school graduation.

*Students maintain eligibility if they maintain district enrollment and attend Clark-CTC, Global Impact STEM Academy, School of Innovation, or Ohio-Hi Point.

College Criteria & Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) each academic year – Student must be eligible to submit the FAFSA and receive federal financial aid package at Clark State College in order to receive scholarship support
  • Students must be eligible for in-state tuition (if student does not hold citizenship status, student must follow in-state residency guidelines to determine if they qualify for in-state tuition)
  • Maintain at least 0 (2.75 for Class of 2028 and beyond) GPA in all coursework at Clark State
  • Take classes that are relevant and required for your declared degree program

What support will a Scholar receive?

  • Mentorship throughout high school and college
  • Invitations to special activities, including field trips and events at Clark State
  • Academic support through tutoring resources
  • Pending the student meets the outlined FAFSA and In-State Tuition criteria, the student will be eligible for up to three years free tuition including books and fees. Scholarship support will only be applied if the student is eligible per the above. The scholarship will be applied after FAFSA is completed and Federal grants or additional scholarships are awarded
  • All support services will be delivered in English

How are the Scholars selected?

  • Eighth-grade students who qualify for the Scholars Program can complete an application online in the fall.
  • After applying, students are interviewed in person at their middle school.
  • The top 10 candidates are selected from each participating middle school.

There are times in my life when I have wanted to give up, be angry at the people around me, and stop pursuing the things I want to do. Being a scholar has inspired me to be the best version of myself every day despite any circumstances. I am proud to be a Scholar because without such an amazing program, I wouldn't have grown into the human being I am today.

Springfield Scholar

As an educator, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing students reach their full potential and ultimately their personal goals. The Clark County Scholars program comes alongside Clark County students to help them realize their potential and set them on a course for a successful future. Through mentorship and programming, students grow academically and socially on their way to a future about which they are passionate.

Brian Kuhn, Clark-Shawnee Local Schools Superintendent

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