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Professional Licensure Disclosures

Professional Licensure Disclosures

What is a "professional licensure" program?

A professional licensure program is an academic program that is designed, marketed and/or advertised to meet the educational requirements

  • For a specific license or certification and
  • Is required for employment in an occupation

What is a professional licensure disclosure?

A professional licensure disclosure is a requirement by the U.S. Department of Education for all colleges and university to communicate publicly and directly to prospective and current students about

  1. academic programs that will or will not fulfill educational requirements for a specific professional licensure that is required for employment in that field; and
  2. academic programs that meet or do not meet the education requirements for licensure for each state and U.S. territory regardless of the delivery mode of the program.

The regulations are published in the Code of Federal Regulations, CFR §668.43, section (a)(5)(v) and section (b).