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Workforce Solutions

Clark State’s Workforce and Business Solutions provides an extensive educational network of FastTrack Training opportunities for individuals and businesses, as well as customized training to fit your needs. In-person and online trainings are available for all types of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, truck driver training (CDL), leadership and management, human resources, technology and more.

FastTrack Training

FastTrack Training courses are non-credit, yet provide credentials and certificates of completion to assist with entry-level employment, promotional opportunities, resume and skill enhancement, licensing requirements such as CDL, and personal and professional development.

Depending upon the course(s) you choose, completion times can range from 4-5 weeks or 6-12 months. FastTrack trainings can also be the first step in your pathway to higher education and life-long learning where earned credentials may be applied to Clark State degree programs.

Take a look at the multiple in-person and online trainings that Workforce and Business Solutions provides:

Are you looking for funding assistance?

Take a look at the following funding opportunities available for either yourself or your company. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Apprenticeship and Assessment Programs

Workforce and Business Solutions provides a list of approved apprenticeship programs in a variety of industries. Registered apprenticeship programs are a proven, inexpensive way to build a highly-skilled and motivated workforce. We can also provide career-readiness testing to help assess the skills and abilities of potential employees.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or the skills of your employees, or if you need a custom training tailored to your specific organization, Clark State’s Workforce and Business Solutions is here to help!

Questions? We're here to help!